Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Holidays

Packing is one of the funnest yet hardest things to do. I never know what to pack when I go away. I usually never plan outfits 'til just before I get dressed in the morning. How I dress reflects my mood for that day - so when I'm away for two and a half weeks, it's near impossible to think up outfits for that entire time. No wonder my luggage is always busting at the seams.

Here's some of the things I packed.

1. Element Eden handbag courtesy of Element Eden team and Vintage clutch
2. Note pad, book and KW jewellery
3. Sportsgirl overnight bag to pack all GHD, make-up and other bits and pieces in to keep it separate from my clothes, vintage necklace and House of Harlow sunglasses
4. Leopard belt via General Pants, Black belt via Myer, Paw Paw, Nail polish and a few rings
5. Bettina Liano shorts (how cute is the scalloped hem) MinkPink Raglan, Wrangler shirt and Element Tee courtesy of Element Eden. This is just a couple of things. So much more was packed! Ha ha.

I may not be able to post as reg as I'd like - but I will have a lot of photos to share when I get back!




  1. A great list of things to bring xx

  2. I love packing posts!! I have actually gotten pretty good with organising my outfits, because a few times I've had to travel with carry on luggage only. But this time I booked in luggage so Ill be packing heaps!!!

    Merry Christmas Ally, have a nice holiday and break.


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