Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Bloom

I thought I would share some beauty products I picked up today. I have been so uninspired by nail colours lately. I wish I could just make all of my own! I mix colours together but it only ever makes enough for that one time. I'm talking about making my own and having a bottle full of it. Maybe I should write to O.P.I and tell them what colours I have in mind and where they are in fact going wrong with their colour selections. Haa.

So anyway, I found another Bloom colour from the same range as my "barcelona" one. You know the fluro pink I have been wearing? The purple one I have on in the bottom photo is just as awesome and bright as it. It is called "Charlie". What makes it even better though is David Jones are currently giving away a little Bloom goodie bag along with any Bloom purchase. So along with my "Big Apple red" and "Charlie", I scored a free make up bag (not featured), an eye lasher curler, Mascara and a lip gloss.

I am normally pretty dismissive of free goodies as it's normally pretty crappy things involved or the colours that they give you are just horrible and not even your 85 year old Grandma would wear it to your brother's wedding. But, I am pretty damn stoked. I have been meaning to replace my curler for months and I was out to buy a mascara anyway.

Have a good night guys! I have some photos to share with you tomorrow! A shoot I did with Lilya (AW12).


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  1. really you arent liking the nail colours around lately? Im the opposite, loving so many! Bloom, Butter London and Kit would be my favourites. Im not that keen on OPI...although I know lots of other girls seem to love their nail polish.

    oh that is an awesome free gift. I like ones where you get a free mascara - mascars are my makeup essential.


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