Sunday, January 30, 2011

a wolf at the door

Hey lovers,

Here is a screen grab of the outfit movie we shot today. I have one word for you : GIVEAWAY.

Stay tuned and get amped up for what is yet to come!

Hope you've had a wicked weekend!



Saturday, January 29, 2011

under feet like ours

Outfit post

Dress| Ladakh Shoes| Sportsgirl Bag| Market find Jewellery| made by me  Glasses| OP shop


Have a good weekend girls and boys


Photos: by Jonathan Edited: by me

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the hidden camera

Tights: Cheap find, Shirt: Made by JD, Creepers: EBay
Watch: Nixon Jewellery: Various pieces

Quick outfit post. Wore this last night...Went to see a band with JD in Bris.

Time to go enjoy Australia Day- Beach, wine and the Hottest 100!

Have a wicked Public holiday for those who live in Australia and for those who don't enjoy your day and have a drink for all us Aussies.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost and defeated

Image of Daria for Vogue Paris Feb 2011.

Today i am working on a few bits and pieces, then we're checking out a rad apartment ( fingers crossed it's what we are after), then we're off to Brissy tonight to see a band play. I can't help but feel so excited. I  might sneak in outfit post tonight! So stay tuned.

Monday, January 24, 2011

lonely hands

Karen walker....I really want round sunnies.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

screaming skull

My boyfriend made me a shirt today. I wanted ribs on a shirt. I was too scared I'd screw it up...So he took it into his own hands! What a sweetie. I LOVE IT.

I'll do a proper outfit post this week. I took these photos really quickly 'cos i wanted to give you a sneak peek!

Hope you had a wicked two days off... My weekend has been awesome, perfect even.

I am no longer the re-growth queen! I got my hair done today!

I thought I'd mix things up with my usual heading- so as you can see i wrote it on post-its. What do you think?


Friday, January 21, 2011

There are a number of small things

A friday night walk on the beach turned into impromptu outfit post. I love that type.... Nothing planned, but it all fell into place quite nicely. Except that the flash did not want to fire properly. I can not believe how WARM the water was. It was rather lovely- considering i wasn't wearing much on my walk. I didn't realise it was going to get dark so fast!

I made the shirt today "IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE"- print and everything! It's significant of how I feel at the moment. I am looking forward to the future more than anything. I'm feeling this year. Have a wicked time over your weekend.



Photos: By Jonathan

drunken butterflies

I'm feeling a little D.I.Y coming along. Dr Martens 10-Hole Boots and a visit to a punk inspired shop for a studded belt. Actually there's probably a pyramid studded belt floating around home somewhere. Boom.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

unknown pleasures ring giveaway!

Hi lovers!!

Thank you all for following, it means a lot! I want to give something back to you all- and what better way than a giveaway! The piece i am giving away is a green stone ring I made! You probably saw my recent post with the bits and pieces i made. If you didn't check out Running in place and Black Star!

I've kept it pretty simple. So just be following as a Google follower or a bloglovin' follower for you chance to win! The giveaway will end 10/02/11!

Good Luck!

Love Ally!

she said she said

Love this Wang barrel bag.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

little gold age

Chain: Sportsgirl

Getting amongst the head chain. Still can't decide if i like them all not. Doesn't matter if i don't, it wasn't a massive blow to my bank account. I sort of feel like I am wearing a necklace on my head. Well, i guess it basically is a necklace...



Photos taken by me

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rose in the mouth.

To my new followers! Check out these links. They're posts i recommend you read! They're posts over the last few months you probably didn't read!

1. Scarlet Fields- A video outfit post! So much fun to shoot!

4.Where the horizon unfolds- Awesome outfit post in the rain! A must see!

5. Useless- Outfit post! A must see! A night time shoot!

6. Bloody Sabbath- A bralet I made

7. East of Grey- Shoot i did with a vintage line

9. What's in my bag?- A what was in my bag post
11.Products by Neuw- Neuw sent me some jeans and shorts!
12. Neuw Jeans- I took some photos and edited them. Featuring the jeans and shorts Neuw were kind enough to send me!

Enjoy reading over my hand picked favourites! I wouldn't want you to miss out!



Verameat offer

The lovely Vera of Verameat would like to offer my readers 25% the Verameat collection. This offer is cool until Sunday of next week. To receive your discount off the awesome range, you must be either a google follower or a bloglovin' follower of Unknown Pleasures!

With the collection being very reasonably priced, it's an awesome offer!

Email me at: to receive your code to be able to receive 25% off! 

Click here to shop

Happy shopping!




These little babies are hand-crafted in New York City. Aren't they awesome? The best thing is you don't have to go hungry for a month just to afford them. Each piece is so wearable. I couldn't pick a favourite! I am becoming more drawn to delicate rings at the moment. Don't get me wrong- I still love my big chunky statement rings, but there's something about the fine details of the smaller jewelery that is appealing to me more and more. I am thinking about picking up a couple of the eco-friendly (recycled silver and pure 14k gold) rings when pay day arrives!

To shop the Verameat collection click here. Postage to AUST is only $15!

Have a wicked day!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

sea within a sea

Skirt: From a Boutique Bodice: Cotton on Body(who said it can't look nice or worn on the outside)
Jewellery: Made by me and black ring from a boutique, Earrings: Karen walker Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I'm sure that about 80% of the people on the beach were thinking i was crazy turning up in a full length skirt and equipped with heels. The other 20% were too busy trying to keep the sand out of their eyes and mouth to notice. I have no idea how they could just lay there in the wind. I could not think of anything worse than spending the day at the beach when it is so, so windy. We were there for a maximum of 10 minutes before we both got over it. Each to their own.

Positive: Got some sick shots.  Negative: ate a gut-ful of sand getting these shots.

So I basically jumped at the chance to take a photo of my outfit before the heavens decide to inundate us with more rain later in the week! I'm not complaining about the rain any longer, but i do hope it holds off for all the families cleaning up in flood-ridden areas. It's really eerie going into the supermarkets up here. There is no food. All the fresh produce has been sold and no more is coming to our shelves until Brisbane is back on track. It's like something out of a movie. If you haven't already, reach into your pockets and help the thousands of Aussies in need here.

I wish it was a long weekend this weekend. I don't feel like I've relaxed enough....

Super excited for the next few months. I have a good feeling about them. And i have so much on! BUSY, BUSY!

Hope you've all had a wicked weekend.



Photo: taken by JD. Edited by me!