Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Scarlet Fields from ally carey on Vimeo.

Featuring | Alexandra Carey- me
Shot by | Jonathan Hayward- my boyfriend
Wearing | Cheap Monday, Jorge, Customised vintage boots 
Music | we have a map of the piano-Múm

I present to you Scarlet Fields, a little project of ours.

Thanks Jay for making it happen!




  1. Argh!

    You are ridiculously stunning, so stunning that it hurts! Great first outfit film!!!

    I cannot wait to see more, Ally you and Johnathon? Have done a fantastic job! Totally not what I expected but still incredible... And what is that song called I'm lusting after it entirely!

    Cute outfit too!
    (I love the chunky ring!)

  2. The song is actually "we have a map of the piano" and it's by "Múm"


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