Saturday, January 1, 2011

A daydream lasts a lifetime

Saturday 1/1/11 4:46pm.

I can not believe we have said goodbye to another year. Is is me of did '10 go a little too fast? I did a lot last year but i feel like it passed me by just that little too fast. I don't mind though, as i am way too excited to start this new year. I am way more focused and as I said to my boyfriend today "This year is my year- I'm going to make it my bitch". Not that I am the first person to ever say it, but I am going to make it happen. I want a lot of things in the coming months- and I'm not afraid of a bit of hard work to get there.

I bought a new scrap book today to document a new year. I normally do one every year. So I'm going to continue that tradition! I love keeping memories in a book so i can look back and get that warm, fuzzy feeling! I also bought some Karen Walker earrings- I can't seem to get enough of her jewelery lately!

Here's a look back on my year. I hope you got something out of 2010. There's no worse feeling than feeling like you haven't grown as a person. I feel extremely luck to have grown and i can't wait for this time next year to add more to my list.

1. Kikki-K diary- Brand spanking new!
2. Mimco Keyring- Love the little saying on it
3. Karen Walker skull earrings- FIRST purchase of the year.
4. OPI nail varnish- Still love my black nail varnish
5. Urban Original wallet- Fits so much in it

Here's to an awesome new shiny year! I freaking can not wait for it.


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  1. love the lack of a car key on your key ring lol. Will 2011 be the year you get your P's missy moo??

    We have both done so much in the past year! we're good girlies! Hope u had a nice NYE!

    see you next week for lunchies! xxxx


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