Wednesday, January 19, 2011

little gold age

Chain: Sportsgirl

Getting amongst the head chain. Still can't decide if i like them all not. Doesn't matter if i don't, it wasn't a massive blow to my bank account. I sort of feel like I am wearing a necklace on my head. Well, i guess it basically is a necklace...



Photos taken by me


  1. I love them! I think they are a beautiful alternative to a headband or hair accessorie. The designer of label Penny Ann wore one at her wedding and the photos are breathtaking.
    Where is yours from? I have been looking everywhere for a nice one.


  2. Brilliant photography... Do you make your photos warmer with photohop or something? Whatever you do it looks great!

    You are stunning and I think the headpiece suits you so well... I'd love one of my own but im not too sure how it would look... having really short hair and all that!

    Really loving your super regular blog posts I definitely need to get back on board :)

  3. By golly you are stunning!

    Head chains are a fabulous way to dress up an outfit :-)

  4. I LOVE these photos.

    ... and you

    ... because you're cool

  5. dude LOVE the bottom pic
    arent you two just a savvy little couple!


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