Saturday, January 15, 2011

midnight tornado

Loving my new Mimco wallet. And by new, I mean the one I picked up from the boxing day sales, but haven't had a chance to use it yet as the silly assistant left the security tag on. So i finally took it to be de-tagged today.  I don't feel like a criminal any longer. Man, I was dreading walking through the security doors and the alarm going off. I couldn't think of anything worse. But it didn't go off.....End of story. So now i can use it and it's tops. The end.



PS- Sure feels weird to be posting late on a Saturday night. I just got home from a BBQ with friends down the coat and i had a post lined up for tomorrow but i figured I'd post it now!


  1. oooohhhh LOVE IT! What are the images in between of? If it is a scarf I love it... actually what ever it is I love it because I love the pattern :-)


  2. :-) It's so cool! I wish i could've used it earlier. The images between are of the box it came in. But i thought the images were super rad. I'm like a little kid wanting to play with the box their gift came in. haha.



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