Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh summer where art thou?

I don't think it's too much to ask for it to warm up just a touch so I can go and rock these Beatnik Seafolly babies at the beach with Jonathan...whilst sipping on many delicious cocktails...and receiving endless massages and facials...then topping the day off with a dinner and long walk.

Ahh, a girl can dream. 

The lovely ladies at SUNBURN sent me this rad stripey 'kini and they are super, duper cute on. The frill bottom makes the 'kini - it's such a simple feature yet it changes the overall look of the bikini. Girls who want to look like they have curves or at least some shape should definitely get on board with this bikini as the frills and stripes give you that that illusion! And the even better thing is you can mix and match sizes! None of this "I can't buy this bikini 'cos the top fits but the bottoms are just a bit big" business. You can buy separates so they fit you perfectly!

Featured | Gifted Seafolly Bikini | Gifted Seafolly Bracelet | Ray-Bans | Sportsgirl rings | Gifted shell ring from a friend | Piece by Peace hat from General Pants | Thrifted Scarf | Mimco Clutch

Have a awesome Thursday! Nearly the weekend! Wooo.

PS: Hi to all my new followers :-)



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

giveaway june

The heavens have opened ( i'm not religious but I love when the sun peeps through the clouds like this) and they have told me it's time for me to give back to my lovely, lovely readers! You could win these little peacock earrings!


1. Follow Unknown Pleasures with BLOGLOVIN'
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3. Leave your name and Email address on this post!

So simple! Thanks so much for reading! The winner will be drawn on the 12th of July! Good Luck!


all of me?

Even back then I loved wearing a vintage looking floral dress and toughing up a girlie look with black riding boots, tights and socks. I am glad Santa gave me my two front teeth back that year for christmas.



Monday, June 27, 2011

new hair

Another day, another snip. The first time I went short the cut just wasn't 100%. I wanted more of the concave bob as opposed to the bob I was given. So I am happy now, that I have want I initially wanted! I love it!

My hairdresser comes to my house. It's a pretty sweet set-up. I kind of feel like a famous person - like I have my own person hairstylist,  minus the famous part and probably the salary as well. Below is me being a sexy metal head in the privacy of my bathroom though maybe not so private anymore. I wanted you to see the during and after shots cos my hairdresser is amazing/ a superstar.




Meet the new refurbished Sunburn store at Pacific Fair - Gold Coast. The lovely team from Sunburn asked if I'd like to go down to their store opening and check out their wicked new set-up! Of course I jumped at the opportunity. It looks incredible. I am loving the new store front with the ceiling to floor glass windows; it really opens the store right up. The winter sun that was sneaking in was magical.

There were racks upon racks of beautiful swimwear - I wish I had enough room in my wardrobe to fit all the ones I loved in. I think I would actually need a room the size of this store to fit everything in!!!

Visiting Sunburn has definitely got me hanging out for summer or just a holiday somewhere, where I could wear pretty blue swimmers with polkadots and a floppy blue hat! Hawaii anyone?

Thank you Sunburn for letting me take snaps of your new store! You guys ROCK.

If you don't have a sunburn near you head to the Sunburn website for some incredible sales, here


Sunday, June 26, 2011

'cross the breeze

Neuw jeans | Forever New top | RMK shoes | Karen walker Necklace | Tiffany & Co bracelet

Not the greatest photos i've taken but they will suffice. I feel bad I haven't done a proper outfit post in a couple of weeks...I just haven't had the time! Sorry :(

Hope you all had a great weekend



Saturday, June 25, 2011

The wolf is looose, the wolf is loose

Vintage leather jumper | neuw jeans | pulp shoes | ebay bag | Ray-bans

This little area is just downstairs at home. It's so nice to soak up some sun after a busy day....

The morning didn't go as planned. We woke up early to shoot more stock, but I didn't charged the battery, so that plan was cut short when the camera died.  So, I only got 6 items done when I was meant to get at least 12-17 done...  WHAT. AN. IDIOT

I took some photos of the new Sunburn store at Pacific Fair here on the Gold Coast for the Sunburn team. You will be seeing them tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a wicked weekend. I'm getting excited for a mexican and Singstar night! Yew. Totally gonna dominate at Singstar, just for the record.



PS: i'm changing my hair again!

lust list June

Loving all these shoesies by JC. You can get them here


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh hell no, oh hell no..(neuw jeans)

You may remember these two posts here and here about one of my favourite jeans brand, NEUW. Now i'm going to reiterate how awesomely outrageous these jeans are and how well they fit! These are my new additions for winter and I am absolutely stocked with them. Neuw has done it again!

Jeans in Grey Vintage


Sunday, June 19, 2011

crown on the ground

Some new things lately!

1. Skull Holders with some cactus in them. New addition to our household! They're so incredible. We're slowing but surely decorating our new pad.

2. I went on a solo op-shopping trip last Friday and I found some really cool things, this little teapot being one of them. It was only $2 - and we turned it into a cactus holder too. I can't wait to see this cacti grow, it's meant to get really big! 

3. Some new shoes! I picked up the brown brogues for $7 op-shopping last friday. They're brand spanker as well. It amazes me that someone chucked out a brand new pair of brogues, but I am ever so grateful! These boots were another steal at only $20 from Pulp. I love awesome finds.

4. We went shopping today! Man there are some really good sales around. This Mimco hard clutch (which I have wanted since Christmas) was marked down to $39 from $230! I nearly didn't believe the shop assistant when I asked her! How can you pass on a sale that good? It is so beautiful. It has a hard exterior with studs on one side. Slowly adding things to my Mimco family! I'm now at 4 things and each thing has been priced to own!

Hope your weekend has been super fun! We're now counting down the days til we have a little getaway to Sydney/ Central Coast!



Friday, June 17, 2011

sigh no more

Check out my new little babies. I already have a strong love for creepers and brogues - so it's a given I'd love these. They FINALLY arrived today after a loooong, anticipated wait. It's serious been a month since I ordered them. They're so cute and extremely light! Not bad for Prada knocks. I couldn't really justify paying $790 for the Prada ones - nor do I have a spare $790 lying around for a pair of shoes. I'd rather put that towards a holiday. What do you think of them?

You can buy yourself a pair here