Friday, June 3, 2011

soy chai latte

One of my Best buds Harri has just started a vintage teacup candle business "Soy Chai Latte". She popped her market cherry last Sunday at the brand new Miami Designer Markets. Her products are all carefully hand sourced vintage tea cups and saucers, vintage glasses and other cute vintage ceramics. Harri then transforms them into delicious smelling soy candles.

We took these photos last Sunday! Isn't her set up adorable? Go check out Soy Chai Latte on Facebook here, or if you're a Gold Coast local, head down to the Miami Designer Markets at Miami High on the end Sunday of every month!

I have a few candles ready to be picked up next week! Can not wait to decorate my new place with them!

Ally xxx

PS: Three post out of free wi-fi! Can't complain! But now it's all gone :(


  1. what a brilliant and crafty idea your friend has created! I love them, I must check out these markets, when are they usually on?

  2. These are adorable! Candles can just add that extra element to any room in the house, not to mention that soy chai lattes are my daily morning ritual! :)



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