Saturday, June 25, 2011

The wolf is looose, the wolf is loose

Vintage leather jumper | neuw jeans | pulp shoes | ebay bag | Ray-bans

This little area is just downstairs at home. It's so nice to soak up some sun after a busy day....

The morning didn't go as planned. We woke up early to shoot more stock, but I didn't charged the battery, so that plan was cut short when the camera died.  So, I only got 6 items done when I was meant to get at least 12-17 done...  WHAT. AN. IDIOT

I took some photos of the new Sunburn store at Pacific Fair here on the Gold Coast for the Sunburn team. You will be seeing them tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a wicked weekend. I'm getting excited for a mexican and Singstar night! Yew. Totally gonna dominate at Singstar, just for the record.



PS: i'm changing my hair again!

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