Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is coming

Tomorrow marks only three months 'til summer (Cue to jump up and down with excitement). Can you believe it's not that far away? I know the weather has been anything but spring/summer in recent days but don't let that get you down! Go try on some swimmers or even buy an over-sized tote to carry all your summer essentials in to get you in the mood for summer!!!

I just want to go and pop my toes in the water and sun-bake!

A big thank you to the Sunburn team for spreading the summer love to me in the form of this wicked canvas tote! I love the colour - I can't wait to use it! Be sure to check out Sunburn's website here to see all of their summer goodness.

 (Ksubi singlet, East of Grey shorts, Karen Walker Necklace,Nixon watch, Seafolly Tote courtesy of SUNBURN)

Hope your Tuesday was fabulous!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monster Children

(ISSUE 32)

Really diggin' Monster Children magazine at the moment. Love the landscape layout - it's a nice change from all the other magazines I read. I love their use of typography and just the graphics in general. It's really, really fresh.

If you've never read it, go to the newsagent now and buy it - alternatively you can go here if you don't feel like leaving your computer.



You've all probably seen the super cute/ radical Christine of Christeric - there's no possible way for you to have missed her, her blog or her and her boyfriends label UNIF. Wow, that's a lot of "hers" in one sentence.

I want these three tanks featured above. I am finding myself in the ever so annoying predicament of always having more bottoms then tops. Where do they all go? Why do I get sick of them 1,000 times quicker then all my jeans, shorts and skirts?



PS: Shop UNIF here

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo diary August

1.HI GUYS! As you know we had our 4 year anniversary on Thursday! We went away to Coffs Harbor for a few nights - here are some happy snaps for you to look at!

Wearing: Shakuhachi shorts, Tigerlily jumper, Leather jacket from GENERAL PANTS, Pulp shoes

2. Coffs Harbor Jetty. Beautiful sunset. Day before the horrible rain set in! 

3. Driving past the so called "Big Banana". It's really not that big. We re-named it "The Dilapidated Banana", it is so faded and the entire place is so run down.

4. Quick photo while we were driving! No idea where it is or what it is.

5. One of the antique shops we stopped at on the way. They're super rad. If you have a chance to venture down to Coffs Harbor be sure to stop at the little vintage stores along the way! We bought a really cool piece of art on the way home today. I wanted it on the way down but wasn't sure whether to get it or not - thought I'd wait til the way back!

6. So many bits of furniture I wanted! Especially this hatstand/ mirror, sadly we didn't have room in the car.

7. Vintage tees <3

8. Vintage bits and pieces. I was in vintage heaven - but like so many vintage/ antique stores in small country towns it was WAY over priced!

9. This photo was taken at this weird little town called "New Italy"- Super strange scenery and they were playing Italian music really loud. We made the joke "What's it gonna be guys New Italy or New South Wales"...

10. Second breakfast at this really cute cafe on the jetty at Coffs. We finally got some sunshine today after the dismal rain yesterday! It rained ALL day yesterday, but we still had such a fun time!

11. Exploring Coffs Harbor on Friday afternoon. Such a beautiful part of New South Wales.
12. Jonathan's Wearing: Lee Jeans, Vans and Insight cardigan

13. We absolutely loved our apartment we stayed at. Perfect location, self contained and brand new! Can't wait to go back there!

14. Wearing: Leather Jacket (Alice in the Eve) from General Pants, Tigerlily skirt, Stockings Ebay, Sportsgirl shoes, Cassette Society tee from General Pants, Mimco bracelet

15. See how faded the sign is? Hence why we gave it the new name. We also noticed that The Big Banana has a love for grocer's apostrophes. One springs to mind "If caught shoplifting be sure to smile for our camera's" 

16. I often have a little too much energy.

17. Jonathan is wearing: Lee cutoffs, Nirvana tee, Insight Cardi, Ebay beanie, Vans. NB: That's my Mimco purse not his.

18. Lucky last photo. But trust me there's way more on my computer...You got off lightly. This is a church in the town of "Broadwater". They're currently fixing it up - but it caught my eye because of how rustic and rundown it looks. They should keep it this way.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Happy Sunday!



Thursday, August 25, 2011

the past week

Just a little insight into my week - It's been super, super fun!! So I dont' have better photos! Sorry I haven't posted much! I promise there will be outfit posts and all good things in the next week! I'm off on a little road trip the next few days so I'll have a photo diary to show you as well! Long weekend for us kids!

It's Jonathan and my 4 year anniversary today! Yaya! What should I wear on our fancy dinner date tonight? Dilemmas!

Hope your week has been wicked!

Ally XXX

Monday, August 22, 2011


1. "Got A Date To-knight", By OPI. 
It is such a soft pink. Really pretty on. My only complaint is I wish It was a little thicker.
2."Black Shatter", by OPI.
I finally caved and bought the "shatter" nail polish everyone has been blogging/talking about. It gives a very cool effect.
3"Rapi Dry Top Coat", by OPI
I swear by this. It reall does what the name suggest. Pretty amazing stuff.

Happy Monday.

It's such yucky weather.

Ally XX

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chelsea sunnies

The photos aren't the best - all the photos on the internet of these House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses are all super low res and just crap in general. Seriously, save photos at a reasonable size (it's not hard)!!

That aside, the reason why I am posting on them is Jonathan bought them for me last night as an early 4 YEAR anniversary present! Cute right? Now, the hard part begins! What can I buy him?? Boys are so hard to buy for. Especially because they never seem to lust after things like us girls. If they want something they go and buy it straightaway instead of talking about it for a month, still wondering if they still want it in "that" colour or if they should get it in black just to be safe. The shopping life of a boy is so simple for themselves, yet ridiculously hard for the person buying for them! How does that work?

Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Pleasures Loves SHAKUHACHI

I am so worn out. I had fittings for Brisbane Fashion Festival all day! I am so excited. I booked my first commercial today too. I don't normally talk about my work etc on here, I tend to keep it private - but I thought you might actually want to know what I do with my time? Maybe you don't...Either way you're reading this now.
On a totally different note on a scale of 1 to RAD, how rad are my AW 2011 Shakuhachi shorts?  They can be worn so many different ways! Ah, so perfect! Side note to Shakuhachi: You guys rock.

I'm off going out for dinner tonight - I can hear my belly rumbling already and it's only 5:50pm. I think I deserve some wine time too.

Happy Thursday to you all!

Love Ally

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wings away

I have been in two minds about the whole satchel trend. They're cute and all - but they seem a little too structured or something. A little too clean cut maybe? I'm not sure. I recently stumbled across this brand "Zatchel" who are based in the UK! It was only a matter of time before the coveted Cambridge satchel was replicated, but I think they did a good job! The little polka dots on this one are super cute!

Click here to see more of their designs and colours.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

rocket falls on rocket falls

( Photo by Oliver Black)

I had a photoshoot on Friday in Brisbane. We thought we'd take some quick outfit snaps in Brissy quickly before I went home! Excuse the lack of make-up. 

Wearing (you've probably seen it before): Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Cheap Mondays from General Pants, Flanno Bardot, Mimco purse, Ray Bans

Happy Sunday guys!

Ally XX

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey guys,

How was your Saturday? I went for a drive to Mullumbimby with Jonathan to see the "amazing" vintage shop that I've heard so much about. I was really disappointed because as we got there at 1pm it was closing, even though it said it was opened til 3pm. And it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be! So all in all the drive was a big bust....

We decided to drive a little bit further to Byron - which is always a fun way to spend your weekend! I love Byron so much. I picked up some really cute Shakuhachi shorts (even though I should be saving my money). Naughty, naughty! So that really saved the day! Ha ha. Even though the morning wasn't a successful vintage shopping trip - the afternoon turned out perfect!

I'm wearing: the ever so comfortable  LILYA jumpsuit, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Gifted Breo Watch, Ray Ban Sunnies, Mimco bracelet from my girls, Cheap ring and Vintage Cardi.

Have a wicked night!!!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Orb by BREO

 (Gifted Breo Watch)

A pop of neon colour is one of my favourite things at the moment. But only if it's a subtle pop like this Breo watch. Since I received my Breo watch this week, I have been wearing it non-stop!! I love the size and the white is just so fresh. It's a nice change from my black watches too! Everyone always comments that I wear really big watches - almost too big for my wrist, but I like them to be a statement piece not just something you can check the time on. So, if like me you have skinny wrists, don't be scared to wear a large watch. It may feel strange initially but once you've worn one you'll never return to the smaller kind. It will be near impossible, trust me.

You can see all of Breo's gorgeous designs and colourful watches here and to keep up to date with the haps check out and like their Facebook page!

A big thank you to Breo for this big beauty!

I'm off to Brisbane later on today...Again! And then again tomorrow! Three days in a row!!

Can't wait to just relax with Jonathan tonight!