Wednesday, August 3, 2011

comes a time

Photos from 2/8/2011 - taken by me

I guess this post is me welcoming you to August!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! Soon winter will be over, spring will have sprung and wearing warm woollies will be a thing of the past - and to tell you the truth I am very excited. I'm probably more excited for August to be over more than anyone. The end of August means mine and Jonathan's four year anniversary will be here and a cute little getaway will be in order! But we've got some planning to do before then! Having said that - I am so excited for everything that is happening in August as well. ( Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, Our store, Holidays and the list goes on!)

Outfit posts for August are coming :-)



  1. Great shots, what camera were these taken with?
    I'm sorry i'm anonymous - I don't have a blogspot account :(

  2. Hi anon, They were just taken on my iphone! X

  3. i cant believe it is already august. i was just getting my winter wardrobe sorted and now its warming up again. yay for your new shop. you will love having a shop!

  4. I know, so was I. I kind of feel ripped off! haha. You will be one of the first people I show :-)xx


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