Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey guys,

How was your Saturday? I went for a drive to Mullumbimby with Jonathan to see the "amazing" vintage shop that I've heard so much about. I was really disappointed because as we got there at 1pm it was closing, even though it said it was opened til 3pm. And it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be! So all in all the drive was a big bust....

We decided to drive a little bit further to Byron - which is always a fun way to spend your weekend! I love Byron so much. I picked up some really cute Shakuhachi shorts (even though I should be saving my money). Naughty, naughty! So that really saved the day! Ha ha. Even though the morning wasn't a successful vintage shopping trip - the afternoon turned out perfect!

I'm wearing: the ever so comfortable  LILYA jumpsuit, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Gifted Breo Watch, Ray Ban Sunnies, Mimco bracelet from my girls, Cheap ring and Vintage Cardi.

Have a wicked night!!!




  1. Love your jumpsuit! Oh so disappointing about the vintage store but that's just a good excuse for another road trip... right? :)

  2. ahhh that is so frustrating they closed. Everything closes so early in QLD. but you look amazing in this jumpsuit. I can't pull them off.


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