Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo diary August

1.HI GUYS! As you know we had our 4 year anniversary on Thursday! We went away to Coffs Harbor for a few nights - here are some happy snaps for you to look at!

Wearing: Shakuhachi shorts, Tigerlily jumper, Leather jacket from GENERAL PANTS, Pulp shoes

2. Coffs Harbor Jetty. Beautiful sunset. Day before the horrible rain set in! 

3. Driving past the so called "Big Banana". It's really not that big. We re-named it "The Dilapidated Banana", it is so faded and the entire place is so run down.

4. Quick photo while we were driving! No idea where it is or what it is.

5. One of the antique shops we stopped at on the way. They're super rad. If you have a chance to venture down to Coffs Harbor be sure to stop at the little vintage stores along the way! We bought a really cool piece of art on the way home today. I wanted it on the way down but wasn't sure whether to get it or not - thought I'd wait til the way back!

6. So many bits of furniture I wanted! Especially this hatstand/ mirror, sadly we didn't have room in the car.

7. Vintage tees <3

8. Vintage bits and pieces. I was in vintage heaven - but like so many vintage/ antique stores in small country towns it was WAY over priced!

9. This photo was taken at this weird little town called "New Italy"- Super strange scenery and they were playing Italian music really loud. We made the joke "What's it gonna be guys New Italy or New South Wales"...

10. Second breakfast at this really cute cafe on the jetty at Coffs. We finally got some sunshine today after the dismal rain yesterday! It rained ALL day yesterday, but we still had such a fun time!

11. Exploring Coffs Harbor on Friday afternoon. Such a beautiful part of New South Wales.
12. Jonathan's Wearing: Lee Jeans, Vans and Insight cardigan

13. We absolutely loved our apartment we stayed at. Perfect location, self contained and brand new! Can't wait to go back there!

14. Wearing: Leather Jacket (Alice in the Eve) from General Pants, Tigerlily skirt, Stockings Ebay, Sportsgirl shoes, Cassette Society tee from General Pants, Mimco bracelet

15. See how faded the sign is? Hence why we gave it the new name. We also noticed that The Big Banana has a love for grocer's apostrophes. One springs to mind "If caught shoplifting be sure to smile for our camera's" 

16. I often have a little too much energy.

17. Jonathan is wearing: Lee cutoffs, Nirvana tee, Insight Cardi, Ebay beanie, Vans. NB: That's my Mimco purse not his.

18. Lucky last photo. But trust me there's way more on my computer...You got off lightly. This is a church in the town of "Broadwater". They're currently fixing it up - but it caught my eye because of how rustic and rundown it looks. They should keep it this way.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Happy Sunday!




  1. I love those Shakuhachi shorts and have huge regrets about not purchasing them when I saw them in a store recently! They look so great on you.

  2. Ohh there is so much familar scenery here.
    I live in Coffs and walk along the jetty every weekend. I have to agree with you on the terrible state of the big banana, its a real eye sore!
    i even took a photo of that church many times when i made some road trips to Brisbane and Byron bay.
    Next time you go to that area deffintley check out the little town of Bellingen which is only 25mins or so from Coffs, they have the best vintage stores.
    Loving your outfit as well!

  3. Thanks Taylor!

    Abbey, Thanks for the tip as I am going on a road trip south this Saturday so I will most definitely stop in Bellingen!



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