Friday, August 5, 2011


(Gifted Lilya jumpsuits)

How cute are my brand new Lilya Jumpsuits? Lilya is such a gorgeous, feminine, easy going and stylish label. All of the pieces are so wearable and really easy to style. When I first tried on my new pieces It felt like spring and summer were only days away. I can't wait to wear these and show you proper oufit photos! I know exactly what I want to wear these with!

You can pick up the floral "Danielle" jumpsuit instore soon, so check here for a stockist near you. Make sure you check out the rest of the Calypso collection as well, there's so many rad things about to hit stores!  One of my favourite blogger's (Liss from Daydream Lily) also stocks LILYA you can visit her store here to see some other gorgeous pieces!



  1. YAY for jumpsuits! Both are gorgeous and will look incredible on your pretty self! :)

    Friend in Fashion

  2. yay! isnt Lilya just gorgeous? cant wait to see how you style them.

  3. Oh they're gorgeous! I had a heated discussion on a website about jumpsuits though! We were talking about the hassle of wearing them when you're in the bathroom, and someone said to me to stop wearing onesies, LIKE ADULTS DO! But I told them I'd only stop wearing jumpsuits if they stop making such pretty ones! And hey more reason to keep wearing jumpsuits!!! Thanks Ally dear!


  4. Jas and Liss: They're a so pretty aren't they?

    Nora: Haha, I don't think i could ever pass on a beautiful jumpsuit! I never mind pulling it down - especially a boob-tube one. You're behind closed doors so it doesn't really matter your bra is showing! Plus its no different from trying on clothes at the shops - you'd have to take your clothes off! I'm with you on this one Nora!


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