Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unknown Pleasures Loves SHAKUHACHI

I am so worn out. I had fittings for Brisbane Fashion Festival all day! I am so excited. I booked my first commercial today too. I don't normally talk about my work etc on here, I tend to keep it private - but I thought you might actually want to know what I do with my time? Maybe you don't...Either way you're reading this now.
On a totally different note on a scale of 1 to RAD, how rad are my AW 2011 Shakuhachi shorts?  They can be worn so many different ways! Ah, so perfect! Side note to Shakuhachi: You guys rock.

I'm off going out for dinner tonight - I can hear my belly rumbling already and it's only 5:50pm. I think I deserve some wine time too.

Happy Thursday to you all!

Love Ally


  1. Ahh I love shakuhachi too! These shorts are AMAZE!


  2. Love those if they came in silver that would be wicked

  3. oh yay!!! what's the commercial? of couuuuurse we wanna know! and lovin the shakuhachi shorts!!!

  4. omg - i want these so bad now. you are no good for my shopping addiction ally.

  5. PS. congrats on booking mbff and a commercial!

  6. These shorts are flippin awesome! I have the top in the same fabric and its so cool. Ps. I'm a huge fan of your blog - your graphics and photos are really cool.



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