Friday, August 19, 2011

Chelsea sunnies

The photos aren't the best - all the photos on the internet of these House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses are all super low res and just crap in general. Seriously, save photos at a reasonable size (it's not hard)!!

That aside, the reason why I am posting on them is Jonathan bought them for me last night as an early 4 YEAR anniversary present! Cute right? Now, the hard part begins! What can I buy him?? Boys are so hard to buy for. Especially because they never seem to lust after things like us girls. If they want something they go and buy it straightaway instead of talking about it for a month, still wondering if they still want it in "that" colour or if they should get it in black just to be safe. The shopping life of a boy is so simple for themselves, yet ridiculously hard for the person buying for them! How does that work?

Happy Friday!!!



  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean Ally, boys are really really hard to buy for. Everything I think of getting for my boyfriend, I kinda feel like I need for him to try it on, or let me know if I'm on the right track! Where as if he asked me what I'd like I'd be able to print off a 10 page PDF with photos! Hahaha

    Awesome sunnies, I have been lusting over those babies too. xx

  2. soo sweet!
    so hardbuying gifts for guys... I always end up gifting modern art books, they are always well received :)

  3. Ooooh yesss, I'm having the EXACT same dilemma as my 4 year comes a-creepin' up. Ironically I was actually thinking of getting my boy a pair of sunnies, haha. Proper Ray Bans as he would never buy them for himself of course, that would betray his fashion-awareness far to blatantly to the world. I think what we girls have to remember is that boys are inherently practical beings - if he can wear/play/eat/watch/use it, then he'll probably love it :) xx p.s. loving your blog too btw, love finding fellow Brissie dwellers!

  4. Sam: I know! I could write an entire book on things i like! Visit - they're priced to own!

    Ivania: That's a great idea!

    Kaitlyn: Oh yay, congrats! Haha, so true! I think I have come up with something now! My brain went into overdrive! :-)

  5. ohh nice! i love these sunnies so much. anxiously awaiting for mine to arrive in the mail at the moment.

    i was so torn between the nude and black. geez the hard choices us girls have to make ;p i ended up with black - did you get nude? they will look so rad. cant wait to see some pics up!


  6. Hey Jess, Yeah I opted for the Nude ones. I can't wait to get them! I hope they suit me! haha.


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