Monday, August 8, 2011

baby, i'll carry you all the way home

Soooo tired, to the point where I feel delusional. How can I be so tired when It's only Monday!

I spent the day rummaging through a designer friend of mines wardrobe, checking out her new studio space (which is absolutely wicked) and then registering a business. It doesn't sound like it would be tiring - but when you're hungover from drinking a lot of Sangria I guess anything will make you feel tired.

I have some fun things happening this week blog wise, work wise and just in general! But my lips are sealed until a few more weeks sorry lovelies!

  (Lee singlet, East of Grey shorts, Wittner Heels, Ebay belt)

Happy Monday and I hope your week ahead is super rad and productive!



  1. yay Ally! you look gorgeous as usual. ahh you are so organised. did you know im just packing up this morning. haha im a bit of a last minute girl.

  2. Those shorts!! wow! Great photos as usual


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