Sunday, June 19, 2011

crown on the ground

Some new things lately!

1. Skull Holders with some cactus in them. New addition to our household! They're so incredible. We're slowing but surely decorating our new pad.

2. I went on a solo op-shopping trip last Friday and I found some really cool things, this little teapot being one of them. It was only $2 - and we turned it into a cactus holder too. I can't wait to see this cacti grow, it's meant to get really big! 

3. Some new shoes! I picked up the brown brogues for $7 op-shopping last friday. They're brand spanker as well. It amazes me that someone chucked out a brand new pair of brogues, but I am ever so grateful! These boots were another steal at only $20 from Pulp. I love awesome finds.

4. We went shopping today! Man there are some really good sales around. This Mimco hard clutch (which I have wanted since Christmas) was marked down to $39 from $230! I nearly didn't believe the shop assistant when I asked her! How can you pass on a sale that good? It is so beautiful. It has a hard exterior with studs on one side. Slowly adding things to my Mimco family! I'm now at 4 things and each thing has been priced to own!

Hope your weekend has been super fun! We're now counting down the days til we have a little getaway to Sydney/ Central Coast!




  1. I LOVE those boots & wow the mimco clutch was such a steal! It's so gorgeous & you can't argue at that price!

  2. I know hey! Craziest bargain I have ever had! X

  3. Where on Earth did you get those skull planters!? I'm completely infatuated with them!!

  4. I want to know that too! I want them so bad, but can't find anything on the internet or something that looks similar :/ Område help, haha :)


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