Monday, June 27, 2011

new hair

Another day, another snip. The first time I went short the cut just wasn't 100%. I wanted more of the concave bob as opposed to the bob I was given. So I am happy now, that I have want I initially wanted! I love it!

My hairdresser comes to my house. It's a pretty sweet set-up. I kind of feel like a famous person - like I have my own person hairstylist,  minus the famous part and probably the salary as well. Below is me being a sexy metal head in the privacy of my bathroom though maybe not so private anymore. I wanted you to see the during and after shots cos my hairdresser is amazing/ a superstar.




  1. Love your new hair (:

    oxo, Céline

  2. wow i think i just read pretty much your whole blog! i love it! you have the most amazing photos!

    next time im down at the markets ill have to say hello - you going to village markets this sunday?

    ps. love the new do'.

    jess. xx.

  3. Hey Jess! Haha! That's awesome news. Thank you, I/ we love taking photos. Yes, I'd say I will be going! I love TMV! We should definitely catch up! Xxx

  4. Fabulous Ally! It looks so great! ps. Love that bikini in your last post!!

  5. Aww Jazz! Thanks miss! I know right, It was too cute not to try on! Ally XXX

  6. Very cute bob love it

  7. Love it! Will grow out so beautifully too.

  8. Thanks girls! :-) It's weird waking up without a mass of hair tangled around the place! hehe. XX

  9. I love it! Its so gorgeous this cut! Suits you so well and the lippy tops it off!


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