Monday, June 13, 2011

What I'm wearing | Vintage skirt | Cotton On Body corset | Vest made by me | Sportsgirl shoes

Ehhhh, this weather can go away now please. We set out to shoot the stock for our up and coming store - but of course the weather had other plans for us. So as a result, we couldn't shoot and now we have to reshedule for the end of the week/ weekend. 

I decided to do a quick outfit post at home - where it was dry, warm and cosy. I shot these quickly as the sun was nearly setting and I was losing light fast. Jonathan made a makeshift reflector for me, comprising of his surf board and some foil. It actually worked quite well. Not being photographers we don't have an actual reflector - but maybe it's an investment we'll make in the future. It's probably handy to have one for making the light a little more even for outfit posts and other photos we take.

How cute is this skirt i picked up earlier this year op-shopping? I feel so girly in it. I love the shape of it so much. When picking a statement piece like this, you really need to visualise ways you're going to wear it. I was thinking many people were probably turned off by the bold colours, but that's exactly why I love it. It just goes to show - anything can be turned into something fashionable if you know what to wear it with.

How was your long weekend? It's a little sad it's over!! Have a wicked week.


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