Friday, January 7, 2011

Primal Instinct

Fashion Editor | Amber Renae
Photographer | Andy Vuk @ Coco Productions
Make-up | Bernice Mansfield
Hair | Matthew Botakis
Photography Assistant | Tracey Hayes
Fashion Assistant | Jam Baylon
Models| Maddy Dixon-Giant Management and 
Claire Quirk-Chadwick Model Management

I seem to have a thing for gloomy/ moody photography at the moment. I have seen so many animal heads lately. It really has been a trend of late. It hasn't been one of those trends that I have gotten sick of/ got angry at every time i see it. To be perfectly honest, I haven't really payed much attention to it. I know a couple of other blogs have mentioned that they're sick of the over use of them. I'm more concerned with the over-wearing of leotards worn with hipster shorts so you can see the leg holes rising up above the waist of the shorts.

Today is a relaxing day! Thank god! Finally! I am having lunch with my friends and then going to look at new apartments with my boyfriend! Can not wait to move into a new place. I think i'm more excited to go and buy new furniture from Ikea. I made a long list of wants last weekend when we went there. New furniture is just as exciting as new shoes or clothes. Well, it is in my books anyway.

Hope you've had a rad week.


Photo Credit: fashionising

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