Sunday, January 16, 2011

sea within a sea

Skirt: From a Boutique Bodice: Cotton on Body(who said it can't look nice or worn on the outside)
Jewellery: Made by me and black ring from a boutique, Earrings: Karen walker Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I'm sure that about 80% of the people on the beach were thinking i was crazy turning up in a full length skirt and equipped with heels. The other 20% were too busy trying to keep the sand out of their eyes and mouth to notice. I have no idea how they could just lay there in the wind. I could not think of anything worse than spending the day at the beach when it is so, so windy. We were there for a maximum of 10 minutes before we both got over it. Each to their own.

Positive: Got some sick shots.  Negative: ate a gut-ful of sand getting these shots.

So I basically jumped at the chance to take a photo of my outfit before the heavens decide to inundate us with more rain later in the week! I'm not complaining about the rain any longer, but i do hope it holds off for all the families cleaning up in flood-ridden areas. It's really eerie going into the supermarkets up here. There is no food. All the fresh produce has been sold and no more is coming to our shelves until Brisbane is back on track. It's like something out of a movie. If you haven't already, reach into your pockets and help the thousands of Aussies in need here.

I wish it was a long weekend this weekend. I don't feel like I've relaxed enough....

Super excited for the next few months. I have a good feeling about them. And i have so much on! BUSY, BUSY!

Hope you've all had a wicked weekend.



Photo: taken by JD. Edited by me!


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