Sunday, January 23, 2011

screaming skull

My boyfriend made me a shirt today. I wanted ribs on a shirt. I was too scared I'd screw it up...So he took it into his own hands! What a sweetie. I LOVE IT.

I'll do a proper outfit post this week. I took these photos really quickly 'cos i wanted to give you a sneak peek!

Hope you had a wicked two days off... My weekend has been awesome, perfect even.

I am no longer the re-growth queen! I got my hair done today!

I thought I'd mix things up with my usual heading- so as you can see i wrote it on post-its. What do you think?



  1. ally -

    i adore your photos and format of the blog! amazing. . if you would like, check out my posts!


  2. it's adorable. love it.

    we're offering a 20% discount for everyone's first purchase so if you haven't gotten any vintage clothing from us come stop by!



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