Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rose in the mouth.

To my new followers! Check out these links. They're posts i recommend you read! They're posts over the last few months you probably didn't read!

1. Scarlet Fields- A video outfit post! So much fun to shoot!

4.Where the horizon unfolds- Awesome outfit post in the rain! A must see!

5. Useless- Outfit post! A must see! A night time shoot!

6. Bloody Sabbath- A bralet I made

7. East of Grey- Shoot i did with a vintage line

9. What's in my bag?- A what was in my bag post
11.Products by Neuw- Neuw sent me some jeans and shorts!
12. Neuw Jeans- I took some photos and edited them. Featuring the jeans and shorts Neuw were kind enough to send me!

Enjoy reading over my hand picked favourites! I wouldn't want you to miss out!




  1. thanks for sharing, hadn't seen those! loved "useless".. well done to the photographer, and you look great :)



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