Thursday, December 30, 2010

Machine in the ghost

I kind of feel like a stalker when i wear this shirt with Aggy's face plastered on the front. I love/ admire her. I secretly wish the image was just that little bit bigger, just so it was even clearer to those walking past me. If Aggy knew her face was printed on this shirt, I'm sure she'd be very proud. Who wouldn't want their entire face on a shirt?

The hat: This is stolen... Stolen from Jonathan's wardrobe. My mum even asked "Do you guys share that hat". It was more of an extended borrow for this trip. I have the most hideous regrowth and this little black piece of felt was a very convenient way to disguise my bad hair week. I keep telling everyone that i have balayage, but I'm pretty sure that joke is well and truly over. Sad but true. I think it's time to contact my hairdresser and tell her I'm in desperate need of new hair.

Still not over the comfort of these pants. They're heaven. Conveniently casual or conveniently not...Either way I love wearing them,

Hope your planning some cool things for tomorrow night!



  1. Where did you get the pants from? love them

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    They're "don't ask Amanda"



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