Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sea of Monsters

This crap weather consequently means boring apartment outfit photos. You probably all know by now I like making my outfit posts interesting- shooting in a rad location etc...So it's killing me to only be shooting indoors. There's only so many "rain outfit posts" I can do without making it a "thing" or before all my clothing is ruined from standing in the rain. I don't fancy getting pneumonia either.

I'm wearing:
Top: Evil Twin ( last S/S- but i love the print), Pants: Don't ask Amanda ( The comfiest pants)
Creepers: EBay, Bag: A shop in Coffs (I only just rediscovered i owned it) Belt: Oroton

I went shopping for others today, but of course I bought more for myself. I figure the people I am buying for will get pleasure out of the clothing I bought. They'll like that I look presentable in their company, instead of like a homeless person. Well that's my theory anyway.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas- so i hope all is well and that each of you have a long list of wants for Santa.




  1. I looove those creepers. They are perfect. And I like your top too. I followed you :)


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