Monday, December 27, 2010

photo diary

me- Tee: Cassette Society, Shorts: Lee, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Necklace: Karen Walker Hat: can't think of it right now
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co Rings: All sorted

Jay- Insight boardies, havaianas, Brixton hat, Black noise white rain singlet

I have had the greatest time away. Our flight back to the gold coast leaves tomorrow night and I really don't want to go back. If i could be on holidays forever i would be quite happy.

How were your Christmas days? I hope Santa was kind to you all. He was extra kind to me this year. Stoked on every present i received.

We have been hiding out in Terrigal, Manly and Narrabeen. I love visiting family- it's so much fun. The weather for the first half of our holiday was really nice, the second half has been balls. Hence why i have a chance to blog.

I have missed blogging for you all! Because i haven't blogged in what feels like forever, i thought i'd incorporate an outfit post and a photo diary post. I hope you like looking through my photo diary!

I feel like i have put on about 10kg's in 6 days. Copious amounts of alcohol and food does that to you though.

Hang tight for another post soon!


p.s don't rag on my heading- i didn't have my drawing tablet with me to do my heading.


  1. Hehe totally had a little giggle at your heading! Your still incedibly artistic! every single shot looks so relaxed and you look so comfortable! I am loving the new accessories I am seeing here and there! What is with the robot head?

    Love your regular posting.. I promise my new year resolution is to get back into it...

    But in the meantime I have posted 3 outfit posts in december.. Have you seen them yet ;)

  2. Hey Kim.

    I had to use the paint brush in p/shop haha. I giggled when making it.

    The iron man mask is my neices! I popped it on for a pic.

    No I haven't seen your posts yet, but I'll look
    Thursday when I'm back in Queensland!

    Hope you've had a great Chrissy!


  3. love the pic of you and your big bro! double babes!


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