Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ally in Wonderland

Dress: Vintage Bag: Vintage Shoes: EBay Socks: Gifted Jewlery: Various places

So, I found this dress in a cute vintage shop a couple of months ago. It's length was initially about half way down my thigh. I took it up because i knew I'd never wear a dress that covered so much leg. I'm so glad i did! It's so, so , so cute. Very Alice in Wonderland.  I saw so much wildlife today. I almost felt like all the animals today were part of my own story "Ally in Wonderland", except there were no talking cats, no mad hatters tea party and no rabbit who was late for a very important date. Here is my interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland":

I nearly stepped on a frog as I was climbing up this hill. Yes, I felt like such a princess walking up this grassy slope in heels. When I crouched down for a few of the photos I managed to put my hand in an ant hill. And then on the way down the hill Jonathan helped me so i didn't fall. However, when we got to the bottom he said "Don't look over there..", So of course I did and there slithering away was a yellow bellied snake. Oh my gosh, I freaked out. On the way home we spotted another cute place to take photos- It was almost rain-forest like. I now call that area "mosquito central". We got bitten like nothing else. Then I spotted some wallabies jumping across the road. So as you can tell these photos were quite the adventure. I don't think in all my life I have seen so many animals in one day.

Early night for me! I have a photoshoot tomorrow with a cute line of clothing! Can't wait! And I can't wait to show you the result of the day!


Click on photos to make full size. Photos taken by the lovely Jonathan.

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