Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blank. You're blank.

Oh, how today was rainy. Didn't really matter much because I was staying in doors most of the day anyway. I set tasks for myself to get a few things done. Mainly design work and basically just trying to get things rolling for the new year. Realistically the new year is only 2 months away...and I want to be prepared! Prepared for whatever 2011 decides to throw at me. Anyone else feel like this year just flew by?

I found absolutely nothing Op-shopping today. What a freaking waste of time. Everyone has totally demolished all the Op-shops around my area. I didn't find one single gem. 

I am loving all the positive feedback about my blog lately! Shoot me an email, Facebook comment etc if there are things you want me to write about more, things I haven't written about...This blog is for you guys, so what you guys have to says matters. Ha, I totally just sounded like a parent telling their kid that they matter and have a purpose and they are a "somebody".

So, tell me your ideas!!!!!

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