Friday, November 12, 2010


I have an obsession with shoes and rings. I think they're pretty even now.

I used to hate wearing rings because they were uncomfortable, they'd get in the way and I used to bite my nails pretty chronically- so I didn't want to draw any attention to the so called nails I had left on my fingers. Now my nails are healthy and I love rings and I love nails polish. Biting my nails was a really good habit to kick. Though now I have an expensive habit (gosh, I sound like a drug addict). My expensive habit being, buying nail polish all the time and buying rings almost just as often. So realistically I traded a free habit for a more expensive option. It was for the better.

Rings in my little illustration:
†Alex and Ani
†Marc Jacobs
†Marc Jacobs
†Luv AJ

ManiaMania and Billy Bride rings are basically the greatest rings created. There is also a few YSL rings i would like in my collection. I was hoping Santa might treat me to a ring this year...After all I have been nice. I'm not sure if Santa will buy me a statement ring,  he knows I have other things I want more than a ring. NB: Santa in this situation is my boyfriend.


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  1. Hehehe you are the exactly the same as me... Billy Bride is fricken incredible... But if your wanting something a little lower in the price range so santa can really spoil you I say check out enrapture designs and check out the owners very own celestical range...

    Rough cut crystals.. Im hoping to get my hands on one this week!


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