Monday, November 15, 2010

What's in my bag?

I'm the type of girl to carry a butt load of things in my bag. I have the mindset, "you never know when you might need something"... A few times I have culled things down and I find myself needing the things I have taken out. My bag is essentially the mother of all Mary Poppins bag. My name for it? The black hole, because I can never find anything I am looking for.

This may bore you to know what is in my bag today, but I find others belongings interesting...It adds a dimension to them you don't know about. For example: You find out what particular products they use, their daily essentials and what they couldn't live with out. Every girl is different. Most girls wouldn't let you look through their bags though. They're a pretty private part of our life.

Whats in my bag today? No as much as yesterday that's for sure. I had a massive clean out after yesterday shoot. I got rid of heels, nude underwear, change scarf and the rest....So here you have it.

1) IPhone
I think I may need to be surgically removed from it one day. I couldn't live with out checking my emails, Facebook, twitter, analytic etc. Well i could but i would have major, major withdrawals.

2) Point and click camera
550D is too big to carry around sometimes. So i just chuck this baby in...Click, Click, Click...

3) Gucci Flora Moisturiser
Best smelling moisturiser ever. Thanks Mum

4) YSL Parisienne perfume
Jonathan got it for me and I love to take it everywhere. I make sure I'm extra careful with my bag when I do

5) 2010 Diary
Would be very lost with out this.

6) Blank journal
For drawing, writing down ideas or memories. It's good to have it when I need to fill in time when I'm stuck waiting around.

7) OPI nail polish- In black
For touch ups. I hate chipped nail polish.

8) MAC translucent powder, MAC pressed powder with mirror and MAC travel powder brush
So hot here in Queensland, I find myself touching up constantly.

9) Purse
Another essential. Even though it looks small, it fits all my cards, change, notes, headphones and keys in it. A present from my lovely sister!

10) Ray Bans Aviators
Love these babies.

11) MASSIVE red tub of Lucas Paw Paw ointment.
This has lasted me for years. And so many people have used it as well. I got this before it was cool to have Paw Paw ointment...That's how long I've had it. It's  nearly empty though. I'm gonna be so devastated the day it's used up. So good for lips, dry cuticles. Basically anything and everything.

12) TicTacs
Because no one likes/wants to smell the garlic you had for lunch...

13) Lip-gloss
Australis actually do a really good gloss. And cheap too- So it doesn't matter if i go through it quickly, or if i lose it.

14) Hand sanitiser
Pretty self explanatory, really.

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  1. I love posts like this. Just did one not oo long ago!


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