Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bloody Sabbath

You may remember this post: Head's in the cloud...

Well, the Black Sabbath tee featured in the photographs has now been attacked with scissors and since been transformed into a swimmer top. Or a "bralet" that can be worn in summer under a over sized singlet.

I love rock tees, so it only seemed perfect to transform one... I brain stormed a couple of ideas, but this one stood out the most. I like that i can now a rock tee in a somewhat feminine way.

I made a pattern for this little bralet..But i have already made changes to it. I guess you need to start somewhere. There's always room for improvement.

It was quick to make! I think I'm going to make a few more so I have a few for summer! And i may even make bottoms too!

PS: I am such a messy sewer. I have black thread EVERYWHERE!


Photos taken by me.

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  1. You made a bikini top/Bralet!!! why didnt I ever think to do something like this... I dont fit so well in commercial bralets and bikinis!

    Great job!! And awesome idea!


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