Friday, February 3, 2012

Come as you are | Stylestalker

Stylestalker have just released their new collection - Come as you are. You've probably seen the images circulating, but I could not, not show you! The lookbook photos are absolutely stunning. The location was perfect and the photography was outstanding....And of course Alex from 4th and Bleeker looks beautiful as always.

The photos below are my pick of the bunch so far!

I have a busy morning of meetings! I hope you all have an awesomely rad Friday! Make sure you check out WHOKILLEDBAMBI for new stock and sale items for only $30!


PS Have you been taking part in the FEB PHOTO CHALLENGE?



  1. Alex is so gorgeous. And I defs wouldn't mind having some of these pieces in my wardrobe!

    x x Stace

  2. hi! do you know where the black leather sandals with silver heel are from?

  3. Hi Anon, I'm not 100% - Maybe email the girls at SS to find out :-) X


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