Thursday, February 23, 2012

London Is Calling

Here is some streetstylin' that spoke to me. Not literally of course - but I really liked how these girls styled themselves.

1. I don't think I will ever get sick of the over-sized khaki utility jacket. In fact I have my eye on Stylestalker's new Rebellion Parka. Doesn't it looks so cozy and like you'd be warm for eternity? Am I right people, am I right?

2. This Winter I think it's time for me to finally invest in some leather pants. I've always been too scared that wearing leather pants will be venturing too close to cat-woman territory - but I tried some on about a week ago and I loved them!

3. What a chic look! I love that she introduced a subtle hit of colour! And that bag!!!!

4. I have been obsessing over  a pair of brogues like this from ASOS. I think it's the perfect amount of Neon. I love how she has mixed the colours and prints. And I am a BIG fan of Capri pants at the moment so much so, the delivery man just delivered me some! They're floral and they're pretty damn RAD. But I will show you another time.

5. Hello, statement jumper! That is all.

6. This outfit is all about mixing textures. Those pants look amazing and even more so because I think they're vintage (correct me If I am wrong).

Photos: Jason Lloyd Evan via Harpers Bazaar 

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