Sunday, February 12, 2012


Florals are fast becoming a regular print in my wardrobe! If you had have asked me a year or two ago if i'd wear them all the time I would have said no as I felt too girly and prissy when I wore them. If I did wear floral prints I had to team them with something "grungey".  Now I love feeling polished. And I love wearing a dress and heels or tailored pants, structured top and heels.

I picked up these heels today. I was looking for some heels to wear to my brother wedding. It's a vintage wedding and it's on property so stilettos would have got me weeding rather than walking. These floral wedges are absolutely perfect for the occasion. I didn't go shopping with a set idea as I knew I'd look past something beautiful if I had a particular colour in mind. These were so cheap too, as Steve Madden had a 25% sale today!! Love a bargain!

Hope you've all had an awesome weekend!


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  1. Oh I love them totally cute


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