Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As Of Late

1// Fields

2// Rainy view from my balcony

3// Outtake from taking photos with J.

4// "Treasures" I found at the beach only moments before J proposed to me

5// This is my "night time look" for 50 Best Dressed. Wearing Talulah Dress, Samantha Wills rings + necklace via Dissh. I would really appreciate if you took a moment to vote for my look. Vote here.

6// Vase + Flowers in the bathroom


  1. You've hit the ball out the park! Inrcedible!

  2. Have you showed your girteeng cards to a big company? I think you should do that because you need to be in stores. The cards are awesome but they are an impulse purchase. They have to be right there when someone is angry and also for people to see and remember for later when they need something like this. I think a lot of specialty stores will carry your cards. Nice work!


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