Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Cascades

I wanted to catch the morning sun - so I raced downstairs early to take some outfit shots. I must say my tripod is a rather handy stand in boyfriend/photographer (Sorry J). Though, I can't imagine it could play place holder all the time.  Spooning a tripod? Going on a date with a tripod? Long strolls on the beach with a tripod? It's starting to sound more like a "real doll" every sentence...So lets stop there.

Wearing: Dress c/o Stylestalker, TUK creepers ebay, DIY socks, bag c/o Stylestalker, Nixon watch, Karen Walker Necklaces, cheap belt...

Photos taken by me


  1. hahaha tripod boyfriend. my boy has been replaced by my bestie moving here and she can take my photo :P and I love the colours in the carden, such a nice backdrop for your outfit shoot. and how are you socks DIY? did you chop off pink leggings?

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! Amazing photos for using a tripod! Wish I had a camera remote :)


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