Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry I haven't gotten any outfit shots lately! I will try to get some done in the next week! I'm just about to fly to sydney for work! To keep updated follow me on instagram AllyMayCarey and on twitter!

I made this image by collage and a then took it in to photoshop and had a play around!

Happy Monday Everyone!


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  1. Have fun in Sydney! I'm basically a hip happening local now, so tweet me if you want to ditch all the cool, inspiring fashion folks you work with and hook up with me for a drink! ;) x Catherine @ The Spring

  2. I love the image collage, I wish I was that talented on photoshop, my web designer boyfriend keeps trying to teach me, but it usually end up with both of us yelling and not speaking to each other for hours haha! :)
    Gems x


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