Friday, March 9, 2012


I am so thrilled/excited and chuffed that some of our vintage items from WHOKILLEDBAMBI has been featured in Peppermint Magazine! Not only was in the magazine but we also are on the FRONT COVER! That's right!! FRONT COVER! So rad, right? I can't believe how fast the last five months has gone! And I can't believe my dreams and aspirations for WKB are coming true. Thank you for all your support over the past five months!

Front cover: WKB Customised vintage dress
Image One: WKB Customised vintage cardigan
Image Two: WKB Customised vintage dress
Image Three: WKB Customised woolen Skirt

We are also giving Peppermint readers the chance to win some of our gorgeous pieces! Email your details and "Bambi" in the header to:

Good Luck!!!


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  1. that's insanely awesome! congrats! your vintage and clothing site is brilliantly curated, I'm glad that you were recognized in a magazine that portrays the clothes as chicly as Peppermint. Everything about your brand screams immediate and vintage at the same time, our generation in a nutshell... please keep up the awesome work!


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