Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That Vintage

I have met some special people over the past 2.5 years on the internet - new age penpals, friends, fellow fashion lovers. They are all amongst some of the kindest/ most generous people I know. We encourage each other, pay each other compliments, ask each other if we're okay if we see they're day is less than amazing etc, etc - which I guess is some of the finer elements of a friendship. It's weird to think I keep in contact almost on a daily basis with my internet pals,  yet some of my dearest friends I haven't spoken to in years. I love how accessible my internet pals are. It's a new friendship where I know what they're up to most days, I know what they ate for breakfast and all those other little things that make the person. In saying that I find it bizarre I have only heard a few of their voices in that time....These sentences are making me feel more and more like an online predator, so I am going to pull this sentence to a holt and introduce one of my internet/insti buddies: Sophie of That Vintage.

Sophie sent me an array of wooden jewellery goodness the other week and I have been meaning to blog on them since - however a bout of flu and travels have rudely intruded. So here I am, blogging on my fine pieces now with a big smile on my face despite this persistent cough and cold.  GO.AWAY.NOW

I first fell in love with That Vintage when I purchased a little teacup ring from StyleMilk at the Finders Keepers markets last year! I found Sophie on Instagram (@thatvintage), and we've been chatting since! Soph was kind enough to gift me these three items 1) Vintage ornate Fleur 2) Iron Dove Earrings 3) Spring Pop Baloon Earrings

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PS: Thanks again Soph!!


  1. What a lovely gift! I came to your blog after Sophie shared it on the That Vinatge page. My that vintage collection is rather large, I love it! (p.s. completely know what you mean about the online friends thing...!)

  2. Tiffany,I am SOOOOO glad I got to meet you sweetie! You truly light up a room! Your smile and sweet humor and lauegthr is contagious! Im grateful for the short time we got to hang out and have time to talk and laugh. I too dont have any photos of you and I. I do have some of you on my blog tho'.I might be hosting a workshop here at my house in May. I would love for you to come! More details later. XOXO, Jenn

  3. Hi Sis! Just wanted to say hello and tell you what a pelrsuae it was to meet you and spend time with you this weekend. Can I just tell you how absolutely adorable I think you are?! I will forever cherish the memory of you sitting on the floor with us all in our pj's as people laughed at us. I love that it didn't phase you to be seen with us! ha. I'll be starting next years bella account as soon as the holidays are over and you absolutely better come next year too! Hugs, Jen


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