Monday, October 15, 2012


I often find myself going on bush walks in white heels - not only are they the most comfortable hiking shoes, they never seem to get dirty.

I literally got stopped in Coles Supermarket yesterday by a lady who went on to tell me how much she loved my outfit - I was wearing this Vamastyle jumpsuit and some shoes (imagine that). What a sweet lady - I thought she was only going to ask me where to find the milk, but she was full of nice words. It truly made my shopping experience a 10/10 instead of the usual boring 4/10.

I'm going to pretend that I meant to match my nail polish to this jumpsuit - pure genius really and totally organised.

Wearing: Vamastyle Jumpsuit find it here and ASOS heels now sold out soz guys.


  1. you have the MOST beautiful photos ally!


  2. that if Israel is ever defeated, Israelis will just pick up their other passport and depart. Not only to Brooklyn. Whenever there's a crisis, there's always a big wave


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