Friday, January 6, 2012


Dear my lovely readers, Meet my new Camera. She's a pretty one, don't you agree?

This was one of the presents I received from Jonathan for Christmas. I absolutely adore it. It is so lightweight. I am loving re-learning film photography. I did photography in high school, it's amazing all the things I have forgotten.
He got me the kit - which is AMAZING. It seriously came with every accesory you could imagine. It is value for $$$ that's for sure.

{Kit includes}
• Diana Flash
• Hot shoe adaptors (one for camera, one for flash)
• Cable Release Collar and cable release
• Splitzer
• Diana 35mm Back + 4 masks for 4 formats
• Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
• Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
• Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens + Close-Up Lens
• Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens
• Viewfinder Adaptor
• Universal Viewfinder
• Fisheye Viewfinder

My next purchase is the instant back piece. I have always wanted an instant camera so it's rad that it will be all in one. It takes Fujifilm Instax Mini film and can be used with all Diana+ accessories. Oh and another really cool thing is I can also get an adapter for my Canon EOS SLR. So I'm thinking of putting in an order to Lomography ASAP!


On a totally different note: I took a photo of my 6 year old niece with this camera - she asked to see the photo after I took it. It didn't occur to me until she asked this, that she isn't from a time of film cameras - she's so used to being able to seeing photos instantly. It's sad that a lot of children these days first camera is a digitial one. They don't get the excitement of taking their film into get developed and then not knowing what you're going to get back. I guess it's just one of those things that comes with being born into a techno surge.

You can buy Diana+ Kits here

Photos // Taken by me


  1. What a fab present! My boyfriend got me the Fuji polaroid thingemy (can't remember the proper name) and it is just so so good!! MY little 5 year old brother thought it was SO COOL coming out straight away!

    Ive been loving your posts lately, but don't often comment!

    xx S

  2. Oh how fun! Thank you an thanks for commenting :) X

  3. dont buy the instant back piece you can have mine. its sitting in my house unused and I now have an instax mini.

  4. okay i'll give you some pennies when i see you next! xx


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