Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent film photos

Yabbra Beach, Narooma, NSW

Boys attempting to win twister. Successful? No.

My Niece. A little cutie


Hanging out in the summer sun, Narooma, NSW

View from my house - Day

Me in Who Killed Bambi dress

View from my house - night

Some recent photographs taken on my Diana+. These are scan of the negatives - hence the sprockets! It's not an affectation.

I am having so much fun playing with my camera and so is Jonathan! We love not knowing what is coming back from the lab!

Have a rad night! I'm staying in watching movies and eating delicious Nachos!



  1. Very cool effect from scanning the film in!! Fun, I can't wait to get my rolls of film developed!

  2. Love how you scanned the film in, such a rad effect. Love love the one of your view.

    A x

  3. fun!!!! happy you are enjoying using your Diana! and your view is amazing


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