Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skips on the record

I'd like to think when wearing these "Loafers", "Slippers" that I look more fashion and less Hugh Hefner. I bought these ones from Rubi and decided that If I don't end up liking them, then it's okay because they're only $29.95.

I am so in love with these soft, satin, scalloped hemmed shorts. They were a staple whilst I was away. The colour is perfect for summer and they go with EVERYTHING

Wearing: Bettina Liano shirts, One Teaspoon Tank, Rubi Shoes Lindsay Slipper, Nixon watch, Random bangles

Photos // Taken and edited by me


  1. Oh, WOW! I absolutely love the loafers. In fact, I'm going to buy them during my lunch break tomorrow (they're really going to break the bank though at a whole $29.95 though, I hope you feel bad). But on a serious note, thanks for sharing! What a steal!

  2. I feel really bad! I hope you don't have to go hungry for a week now! Haha. Thanks for reading! Ally X


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