Saturday, April 9, 2011

12 Months

12 months today! Hasn't that flown? I thought I would commemorate my 12 months blogging with having a look back over the past year! Here are some of my favourite photos! I had to start using self discipline in the end otherwise this post would have gone on for years. As it is there is probably too many! So there you have it Unknown Pleasures in retrospective!

I have learnt so much from blogging! I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all my RAD readers. You guys are seriously awesome.

Here's to another good year! Don't forget my giveaway is drawn on the 25th of April!


PS: some of the images are from the first month or so of my blog so the size of them are smaller than what i save my images now- hence the quality.  Thanks again for reading! 

Special thanks to Jonathan for being very accommodating when it comes to outfit posts etc! Love!


  1. congrats on your blogging anniversary!! keep rocking it!

  2. adore your blog and congrats on the 1 year. . . always such great inspiration.

  3. i saw the first picture and just wanted to say that i love it. then i saw the second picture and just wanted to say that i also love it, then the third picture and so on! the best pictures i saw for a long time!


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