Tuesday, April 26, 2011

blow your speakers

Good Morning! Last day of the long weekend. Noooo! At least the weather is semi-good! Hopefully no black clouds roll over like yesterday. Though it worked to my favor with these photos. I don't really have much planned for today. I just want to take it as it comes. What do you have planned?

I had so much fun taking these. Keep in mind we don't normally hang out in abandoned car parks. I thought being there on a public holiday no one would be there. But when we were there we had a little audience of cars. They must have thought we were up to something really bizarre when I was jumping up and down on the spot. Jonathan went for a skate after we finished - and I took some really cool shots of him. I'll share them with you another day.

(Leopard pants from a boutique, vintage fur coat, Docs, Vintage clutch, Jonathan's tee, accessories made by me, sportsgirl ring)

I am off to have some fun whilst probably still eating loads of chocolate.



  1. Loving your vintage fur coat..
    I just made my own fake fur vest which I'll be doing a DIY post on soon :)

    xx Shardette



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