Monday, April 25, 2011

sail to the moon

Firstly: HAPPY EASTER! I know it's Easter Moday, but I still want to wish you all a Happidity Easter. Have you all totally chilled out the past few days? I sure have. It has been absolutely amazing. I have eaten way too much chocolate as well. I never thought that could be possible - ever.  I have spent the last few days bike riding, at the beach, eating out, having a massive family feast last night and relaxing with awesome company. I could not have asked for a better Easter. My only little complaint is I wish I could have made it home to see the parents! But that will have to been another holiday in the near future!

(Vintage skirt, Supre top, Steve Madden boots, Karen Walker Necklace and Earrings, Ebay Skarf/Belt)

I picked this skirt up for $2 from a Op-shop sale two weekends ago. Amazing right?  I love the khaki colouring, the material and the way it skims the top of my ankle boots - any longer and my boots would have been totally hidden. I have an inkling that it was hand made originally as well, as the sewing is delicate and doesn't look like it has been machined. 

I will be back to posting every day again so make sure you're following Unknown Pleasures daily.


PS: Time off from the daily grind has motivated me more than ever. Without giving anything away, I want to let you know some exciting things will be happening soon. So keep posted!!


  1. You amazing specimen! I love the skirt, and that supre top - you're rockin it!
    Hope you had a great easter weekend :)


  2. What a great find at the $2 sale!! Love this outfit! Glad to hear that you have had a fabulous Easter.


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