Sunday, April 17, 2011

Basic space

Hey Guys! How has your weekend been? Mine has been productive, yet relaxing. I op-shopped my heart out and scored some truly awesome clothing, ate yummy food and drank a little too much sangria (How good is that stuff - seriously).

My vintage tartan pants are all kinds of awesome.  Warm enough to keep the autumn chill off my legs, but just the right length not to swelter if you get caught wearing them on a day where the weather changes suddenly. I am actually really loving jeans and pants that are neatly tailored and ankle-showing. There is something incredibly sexy and feminine about the length. There seems to be a lot of  ankle celebration going on out there. Oh and to the girls out there wanting to appear taller - showing off your ankles in skinny pants makes you look taller!

I received some sad news this afternoon and It really put things into perspective for me. So this week I have decided to work extra hard to get to where I want to be. After all life too short to waste time.

Vintage Pants
Mink Pink tank
Wittner pumps
Sportsgirl/ Tiffany & CO bracelet
Nixon watch
Assorted Rings
Ebay Skull Scarf
Lavosa Necklace
Karen Walker Earrings
Diamond earrings from J


Photos by J

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