Friday, April 1, 2011

wild rumpus

What I am wearing:
Knit- Wrangler
Shorts- I. D. S
Leather- Alice In The Eve
Aviators- Ray-Ban
Shoes- Pulp
Bag- Markets
Rings- Markets
Necklace- Karen Walker
Watch- Nixon

This has to be one of the most comfortable outfits I own. I am loving knits with a bright/ fluorescent bra worn under them at the moment. It adds a little something to the outfit. The photos don't really pick up on the bra sorry. I also love my little rust shorts! For two reasons actually! 1) Loving this dominant autumn colour 2) They give the illusion of being a pleated skirt as the pleats are so close together.

I wore this on our last day in Sydney. We were walking around Paddington when we stumbled across this little alley (so did a homeless man). How cute are the frames hanging on the exposed brick? I couldn't resist whipping out the camera for a quick photo or six. Ha ha. We bought a camera bag just before we left, so now it's easier to take it everywhere. Before we we just wrapping it in a cloth bag and put it in my handbag and it didn't feel all that safe.

I was pretty excited seeing a little print of Max on the wall as well. Where The Wild Things Are was my favourite book as a child and I adore the movie too. Have you listened to the sound track from the movie? It was produced by Karen O, and is seriously amazing. If you haven't already download the soundtrack to WTWTA, your life will be changed.

PS: Seriously digging my YSL lippy. Can not get enough of it.


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